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Raising Kids With Disability

This kid is diagnosed with an eye disorder where only things which are too closer are visible to him. Our organization is taking care of this physically challenged kid thus helping him overcome the challenges he faces in his day to day life.

Celebrating Festivals With Physically Impaired People

Hetu charitable trust helped in raising this specially-abled unprivileged children. They had organized rakshabandhan event where the families, taking care of these children, providing them with basic needs food, clothing ,their education etc were invited to celebrate this festival. Many festivals including diwali, holi are celebrated with these kids and their caretakers together along with their families which are organized by this trust. The organization holds four such programmes every year where the adopters can meet the children. Mr.Rikhab Jain the founder of this trust has given a whole new life to this children.

Helping Hands To Poor

Mr.Rikhab Jain founder of HETU charitable trust back by dedicated to connecting wealthy eminent people of malad with the unfortunate poor handicapped and blind people. He also has helped downthrown in whatever way he could.His RSS roots helped him to become associated with helping the adivasis(tribals),slum dwellers,blind and handicapped. He also has been working with KOKAN PRANTH society dedicated to providing heath care education and job opportunities to blind and disabled. Another charitable organization he has been working with is SAMATOL which has worked towards in rescuing thousands of runaway and homeless children from the railway platforms of mumbai. SAMATOL helps to rehabilitate the children and reunite them with their parents, thereby stopping those children from becoming drug addicts, anti social elements or the victims of their circumstances.

Helping The Needy

This person being blind has completed his schooling till 12th and was working to earn his livelihood. But now due to some illness he is unable to work, so inorder to support his family, the trust has taken the responsibility of nurturing his child.